Permanent Resident Visa

With a PR visa, you will be given permanent resident status in a country. which such person is not a citizen but where they have the right to reside on a permanent basis.

Work Permit Visa

Work visas are permits that allow individuals to travel to another country to work there

Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is the most common type of travel permit. Passengers visiting another country often need a tourist visa to enter.

I Want to Migrate

Selecting the best country for immigration is not an easy decision. If you have not chosen your immigration destination yet, we can help you select the best country to immigrate to basis on your profile. Kalindi immigration helps you apply for visa in top advanced nations, i.e. Canada, Australia, UAE, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany etc.

Canada:- Canada every year accepts over 400,000 new immigrants through a wide range of immigration programs, i.e. Express Entry System, PNP, etc.

Australia :- Australia is one of the most desired immigration destinations. It welcomes 160,000 new immigrants annually, including a huge number of skilled professionals.

UK :- Living, study and health- care costs are reasonable in the UK compared to most advanced countries. The higher education and qualifications of the UK has a great international reputation

I Want to Work

If you want to work and establish career overseas, the selection of best country to work is very crucial. Let us find out which country is best in the world to live and work on temporary or permanent basis.

Canada: - Canada needs skilled and talented people to meet the skill shortage across its various provinces and territories. It every year invites thousands of skilled workers through tis Express entry Immigration system and Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

Australia: - Australia offer high paying jobs to the skilled and talented people from overseas. It has dedicated point- based General Skilled Migration Program (GSM) to invite skilled and talented people from around the world.

I Want to Study

If you are planning to study abroad, you must choose a country with best education system, low tuition fee and state-of-the-art universities and educational institutions. Let us take a look, which all countries rank top based on all these parameters.

UK: - The United Kingdom is the best choice for study in view of its most prestigious and widely popular universities. Quality education, strong research infrastructure, unique culture, Scholarship and financial support, etc. make it the best country to study abroad.

Australia: - Australia is undoubtedly one among the top 10 countries in the world for education. World-class Academic recognition, variety of courses, scholarship options, and work with study options, etc. make it an ideal destination to study.

I Want to Visit

There are numerous amazing, awe-inspiring and fascinating locations to visit all over the world. However, choosing the best country to visit and tourism remains a major question. Let us find out which all are the best countries in the world, to travel for tourism, fund and spending vacations.

Canada: - Canada's natural beauty and landscape, i.e. mountains, glaciers secluded lakes and forests, lure plethora of tourists and visitors from all parts of the world every year. Moreover, clean, safe, friendly, and multicultural cosmopolitan cities of Canada too are a magnet for the travellers.

Australia: - From Sydney Opera House and Great Barrier Reef to Bondi beach and Blue Mountains National Park.